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"Selective activation of memristive interfaces in TaOx-based devices by controlling oxygen vacancies dynamics at the nanoscale"
Cristian Ferreyra, María José Sanchez, Myriam Aguirre, Carlos Enrique Acha, Silvina Bengió, Jerome Lecourt, Ulrike Lüders and Diego Rubi
Aceptado para su publicación en Nanotechnology (2019) 1-23
The development of novel devices for neuromorphic computing and non-traditional logic operations largely relies on the fabrication of well controlled memristive systems with functionalities beyond standard bipolar behavior and digital ON-OFF states. In the present work we demonstrate for Ta2O5-based devices that it is possible to selectively activate/deactivate two series memristive interfaces in order to obtain clockwise or counter-clockwise multilevel squared remanent resistance loops, just by controlling both the electroforming process and the (a)symmetry of the applied stimuli, and independently of the nature of the used metallic electrodes. Based on our thorough characterization, analysis and modeling, we show that the physical origin of this electrical behavior relies on controlled oxygen vacancies electromigration between three different nanoscopic zones of the active Ta2O5-x layer: a central one and two quasi-symmetric interfaces with reduced TaO2-h(y) layers. Our devices fabrication process is rather simple as it implies the room temperature deposition of only one CMOS compatible oxide -Ta-oxide- and one metal, suggesting that it might be possible to take advantage of these properties at low cost and with easy scability. The tunable opposite remanent resistance loops circulations with multiple -analogic- intermediate stable states allows mimicking the adaptable synaptic weight of biological systems and presents potential for non-standard logic devices.
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