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"Studying ReRAM devices at Low Earth Orbits using the LabOSat platform"
M. Barella, G. Sanca, F. Gomez Marlasca, W. Román Acevedo, D. Rubi, M.A. García Inza, P. Levy and F. Golmar
Radiat. Phys. Chem. 154 (2019) 85-90
LabOSat (acronym for “Laboratory On a Satellite”) is a type of electronic platform designed to perform experiments in harsh, remote environments. Up to now, LabOSat platforms have been used mainly for characterizing and validating custom and commercial electronic devices at Low Earth Orbits (LEO). Many of these platforms are running experiments aboard ÑuSat satellites, which are built and operated by Argentine company Satellogic. A brief description of LabOSat platforms is presented here, along with details of their validation both at LEO and at a nuclear reactor. The electrical characterization of custom non-volatile memory cells — as performed by a LabOSat platform at LEO — is also described, and the results of such experiment are compared with results obtained on Earth. The memory cells studied were TiO2-based and La1/3Ca2/3MnO3-based ReRAM devices.
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