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"Magnetocaloric Effect in La0.88Sr0.12MnO3 films"
S. Passanante, D. Goijman, M. Linares Moreau, A.G. Leyva, C. Albornoz, D. Rubi, C. Ferreyra, D. Vega, L. Granja and M. Quintero
Proc. of the "XXIII Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics" (SLAFES23), San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina, April 10-13, 2018. Ed. by Pablo G. Bolcatto, Eduardo A. Jagla, Gladys L. Nieva, César R. Proetto, Dina Tobia and Cecilia I. Ventura
Mater. Today Proc. 14(1) (2019) 104-108
The magnetocaloric effect (MCE) is the isothermal change of entropy and the adiabatic change of temperature that appears in some materials during the application of a magnetic field. Manganites are a family of compounds with an important MCE. Moreover, the strong coupling between their electronic, magnetic and structural degrees of freedom makes them very flexible to modify their magnetic properties with different stimulus. With the aim of exploiting the MCE of manganites in microdevices, we studied this effect in La0.88Sr0.12MnO3 thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on silicon substrates. We present here the dependence of the magnetic properties and the MCE with the thickness and the thermal treatment of the films.
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