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"Bipolar Resistive Switching on TiO2/Au by Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy"
M. Linares Moreau, M. Barella, L. López Mir, N. Ghenzi, F. Golmar, L.P. Granja, C. Ocal and P. Levy
Proc. of the "XXIII Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics" (SLAFES23), San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina, April 10-13, 2018. Ed. by Pablo G. Bolcatto, Eduardo A. Jagla, Gladys L. Nieva, César R. Proetto, Dina Tobia and Cecilia I. Ventura
Mater. Today Proc. 14(1) (2019) 100-103
In this work we present a Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy (CAFM) study of TiO2 thin films that display bipolar resistive switching behavior. Samples were synthesized by reactive sputtering after a lithography process to obtain the bottom Au electrodes on a SiO2/Si substrate. Pt and Pt-Ir coated tips were used for CAFM measurements. We compare these results with I-V characteristics of the same device with Al top electrodes in a crossbar pattern. We demonstrate the existence of two stable resistive states and the bipolar nature of the switching through current-voltage CAFM measurements, discussing the possible transport and switching mechanisms.
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