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"Destructive quantum interference in transport through molecules with electron–electron and electron-vibration interactions"
P. Roura-Bas, F. Güller, L. Tosi and A.A. Aligia
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31(46) (2019) 465602/1-10
We study the transport through a molecular junction exhibiting interference effects. We show that these effects can still be observed in the presence of molecular vibrations if Coulomb repulsion is taken into account. In the Kondo regime, the conductance of the junction can be changed by several orders of magnitude by tuning the levels of the molecule, or displacing a contact between two atoms, from nearly perfect destructive interference to values of the order of 2e2/h expected in Kondo systems. We also show that this large conductance change is robust for reasonable temperatures and voltages for symmetric and asymmetric tunnel couplings between the source–drain electrodes and the molecular orbitals. This is relevant for the development of quantum interference effect transistors based on molecular junctions.
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