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You will find here my interests in the field of physics, research lines, and contact information. Information about people, activities and institutions in which I am involved, will be published here regularly, as well.

Contact me: pastor[at]cnea.gov.ar

Phone: +54 11 6772 7105

Fax: +54 11 6772 7121

Mail Address: Condensed Matter Physics Department
Gerencia de Investigación y Aplicaciones, CAC-CNEA, Av. Gral. Paz 1499, Pcia. Buenos Aires (1650), Argentina

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Independent Researcher at CONICET, CNEA Researcher. I currently work in the Condensed Matter Physics Department GIyA-CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Former position

Postdoc fellow in the Condensed Matter Theory Group at the Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany.


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Center: microscopic droplet on a top of a soft substrate (polymer brush layer). Concomitant simulation setups to study this problem in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. Left: Brush melt interface under shear. Right: Simulation of a polymer droplet on top of a brush layer
My research interests are mainly directed to computer simulations and statistical physics of soft condensed matter systems.

I am currently working on dynamical properties in non-equilibrium conditions of polymer fluids on top of polymer brushes, using coarse-grained models. We employ molecular dynamics and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics technics, with different thermostats to study these soft-matter interfaces in out-of-equilibrium regime, keeping track of the molecular degrees of freedom.

Properties of the the dynamics and mean quantities, are the main phenomena we are interested in as regards these polymer-polymer or polymer

liquid interaction.

The boundary conditions are also of crucial importance, to understand these fluids at a scale in which molecular degrees of freedom play a role beyond a continuum approximation. The study of deformation of the soft substrate and change in properties as a function of the grafting density and external driving force are also goals of this research project. These research lines are being developed in close collaboration with Marcus Müller currently

and with Torsten Kreer and Kurt Binder previously.

We are also studying, together with Carla Rosetti, lipid bilayers composed of two different lipid species and also ternary mixtures with the addition of cholesterol. We are interested in structure formation and eventual phase separation as a function of degree of insaturation of the chains of one lipid species, effect of cholesterol and molecular structure.

In my Ph. D. work, I focused in the statical and dynamical properties of the crystalline phases of elemental sulfur using classical molecular dynamics simulations. Namely, I studied the phase transitions and properties of the crystals formed by the S8 sulfur allotrope. Further information on my work on sulfur phases with Zulema Gamba, can be found here

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