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"Inclusive and exclusive measurements of alpha particle production mechanisms in the 7Li + 144Sm system"
P.F.F. Carnelli, D. Martinez Heimann, A.J. Pacheco, A. Arazi, O.A. Capurro, J.O. Fernández Niello, M.A. Cardona, E. de Barbará, J.M. Figueira, D.L. Hojman, G.V. Martí and A.E. Negri
Nucl. Phys. A 969 (2018) 94-113, en prensa
In this work we have studied the production of alpha particles emitted as a consequence of different reactions in the 7Li + 144Sm system at near-barrier energies. We have obtained absolute cross sections of the total yield at backward angles and at bombarding energies of 24 and 30 MeV. We have also performed complementary exclusive measurements of non-capture breakup processes at 30 MeV. In particular, the neutron transfer followed by non-capture breakup of the 6Li ejectile, which was found to be the dominant process in the studied region, could be accounted for by estimations of a classical dynamical model. This contribution, together with estimations for the incomplete fusion and alpha particle evaporation following compound-nucleus formation, are compared to the experimental inclusive angular distributions obtained in this work.
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