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"Dynamic tuning by hydrostatic pressure of magnetocaloric properties to Ericsson like cycles"
P. Gaztañaga, J. Sacanell, A.G. Leyva and M. Quintero
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 449 (2018) 17-20, en prensa
A method to increase the relative cooling power to be used in Ericsson like refrigeration cycles is presented. The technique is based in the modification of the magnetic properties by the application of hydrostatic pressure on magnetic samples. The main advantage is to reach larger values of the magnetic entropy change in a wider temperature region (the so-called “table like” behavior). The study was carried out in a manganite belonging to the family of La0.625-yNdyCa0.375MnO3, and some conclusions were compared with the expected behavior in other materials extracted from literature.
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