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artículo con referato
"Width of the charge-transfer peak in the SU(N) impurity Anderson model and its relevance to non-equilibrium transport"
J. Fernández, F. Lisandrini, P. Roura-Bas, C. Gazza and A.A. Aligia
Aceptado para su publicación en Phys. Rev. B (2017)
We calculate the width 2ΔCT and intensity of the charge-transfer peak (the one lying at the on-site energy Ed) in the impurity spectral density of states as a function of Ed in the SU(N) impurity Anderson model (IAM). We use the dynamical density-matrix renormalization group (DDMRG) and the noncrossing-approximation (NCA) for N = 4, and a 1/N variational approximation in the general case. In particular, while for Ed ≫ Δ, where Δ is the resonant level half-width, ΔCT = Δ as expected in the noninteracting case, for -Ed ≫ NΔ one has ΔCT = NΔ. In the N = 2 case, some effects of the variation of with Ed were observed in the conductance through a quantum dot connected asymmetrically to conducting leads at finite bias [J. Könemann et al., Phys. Rev. B 73, 033313 (2006)]. More dramatic effects are expected in similar experiments, that can be carried out in systems of two quantum dots, carbon nanotubes or other, realizing the SU(4) IAM.
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