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"Study of the 30P(α,p)33S reaction using a gas-filled magnetic spectrograph"
J.M. Figueira, C.M. Deibel, J.O. Fernández Niello, J. Greene, C.L. Jiang, H.Y. Lee, S.T. Marley, R.C. Pardo, N. Patel, M. Paul, K.E. Rehm, C. Ugalde and G. Zinkann
Proc. of the "VIII Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications", Santiago, Chile, December 15-19, 2009. Ed. R. Alarcon, P. Cole, A.J. Kreiner and H.F. Arellano
AIP Conf. Proc., Vol.1265 (2010) 174-175
We have developed a technique using a gas-filled magnetic spectrograph which enables us to study (α,p) transfer reactions of astrophysical interest in inverse kinematics and by means of the time-inverse reactions. We present preliminary experimental results of the reaction 30P(α,p)33S which confirm that the technique permits the study of these kinds of transfer reactions.
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