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Participación en Congresos año 2008

66th Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers (ANTEC 2008)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
May 4-8, 2008
  • "Nanomechanical Properties of UHMWPE irradiated with N ions"
    P.M. Frontini, L.A. Fasce, J. Cura, M. del Grosso, V. Chappa and G. García Bermúdez
24th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-24)
Salerno, Italy
June 15-19, 2008
  • "On the improvement in Nanomechanical Behavior Induced by Nitrogen Ion Irradiation on UHMWPE"
    L. Fasce, J. Cura, V. Pettarín, P. Frontini, M. del Grosso, V. Chappa and G. García Bermúdez
7th EPS Liquid Matter Conference
Lund, Sweden
June 27-July 1, 2008
  • "Flow, slippage and a hydrodynamic boundary condition of polymers at surfaces"
    M. Müller, C. Pastorino and J. Servantie
International Symposium on Fe-Pnictide Superconductors
Tokyo, Japan
June 28-29, 2008
  • "d- and f-orbital correlations in the REFeAsO compounds"
    T. Miyake, L. Pourovskii, V. Vildosola, S. Biermann and A. Georges
Conference on Computational Physics 2008 (CCP 2008)
Ouro Preto, Brazil
August 5-9, 2008
  • "Understanding and characterizing nestedness in mutualistic bipartite networks"
    E. Burgos, H. Ceva, L. Hernández and R.P.J. Perazzo
  • "Hydrodynamic boundary condition of polymer melts at simple and complex surfaces"
    M. Müller, C. Pastorino and J. Servantie
25th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT25)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
August 6-13, 2008
  • "Superfluid Thomas-Fermi Approximation for Trapped Fermi Gases"
    E.S. Hernandez, P. Capuzzi and L. Szybisz
8th International Conference on Strong and Electroweak Matter (SEWM 2008)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
August 26-29, 2008
  • "Mass and chemical asymmetry in QCD matter"
    L.F. Palhares, E.S. Fraga and C. Villavicencio
Heavy-Ion Collisions from the Coulomb Barrier to the Quark-Gluon Plasma - 30th Course, International Workshop on Nuclear Physics
Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy
September 16-24, 2008
  • "Aspects of the phase diagram in (P)NJL-like models"
    M. Buballa, A.G. Grunfeld, A.E. Radzhabov and D. Scheffler
XIX Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XIX)
Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina
October 5-10, 2008
  • "Resistance switching in silver-manganite contacts"
    F. Gomez-Marlasca and P. Levy
  • "Ab initio study of a TiO2/LaAlO3 heterostructure"
    M. Weissmann and V. Ferrari
WOMEN IN PHYSICS: 3rd IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics
Seoul, South Korea
October 8-10, 2008
  • "The Current Situation of Female Scientists in Argentina"
    A.M. Llois and S. Ponce Dawson
13th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy BNCT: a new option against cancer (13-ICNCT)
Florence, Italy
November 2-8, 2008
  • "Experimental feasibility studies on a SPECT tomograph for BNCT dosimetry"
    D.M. Minsky, A.A. Valda, A.J. Kreiner, S. Green, C. Wojnecki and Z. Ghani
  • "Development of a tandem-electrostatic-quadrupole accelerator facility for BNCT"
    A.J. Kreiner, V. Thatar Vento, P. Levinas, J. Bergueiro, H. Di Paolo, A.A. Burlon, J.M. Kesque, A.A. Valda, M.E. Debray, H.R. Somacal, D.M. Minsky, L. Estrada, A. Hazarabedian, F. Johann, J.C. Suarez Sandin, W. Castell, J. Davidson, M. Davidson, Y. Giboudot, M. Repetto, M. Obligado, J.P. Nery, H. Huck, M. Igarzabal and A. Fernandez Salares
IX Congreso Panamericano de Iluminación Luxamérica 2008
Asociación Argentina de Luminotecnia
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Noviembre 5-7, 2008
  • "Desarrollo de radiómetros fotovoltaicos de bajo costo en la CNEA"
    C.G. Bolzi, M.G. Martínez Bogado, M.J.L. Tamasi, H. Grossi Gallegos y R. Righini
11th Latin American Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (LACAME 2008)
La Plata, Argentina
November 9-14, 2008
  • "Characterization of corrosion products of a carbon steel screw-nut set exposed to mountain weather conditions"
    C.P. Ramos, G. Duffó, S. Farina, M. Lauretta and C. Saragovi
  • "Mössbauer Spectroscopy analysis on a tempered martensitic 9% Cr steel"
    C.P. Ramos, A. Sztrajmann, R. Bianchi, C.A. Danón and C. Saragovi
XXXI Reunión de ASADES (ASADES 2008)
Mendoza, Argentina
Noviembre 11-14, 2008
  • "Modelos de Ingeniería y Calificación de los Paneles Solares para la Misión Satelital Aquarius/SAC-D"
    M. Alurralde, M. Barrera, C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, P. Cabot, E. Carella, J. Di Santo, J.C. Durán, J. Fernández Vázquez, A. Filevich, C.D. Franciulli, E.M. Godfrin, V. Goldbeck, L. González, A. Iglesias, M.G. Martínez Bogado, E. Mezzabolta, A. Moglioni, S. Muñoz, C. Nigri, S.L. Nigro, J. Plá, I. Prario, M.C. Raffo Calderón, A.D. Raggio, C. Rinaldi, S.E. Rodríguez, H. Socolovsky y M.J.L. Tamasi
  • "Estudio de Celdas Solares Basadas en Materiales III-V"
    M. Barrera, J. Plá y F. Rubinelli
Workshop «At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter IV - Current Trends and Novel Materials» (FCM2008)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 9-12, 2008
  • "Electric pulse induced resistance switching in oxide-metal junctions"
    P. Levy
    Invited Talk 16
  • "Nanostructured oxides: synthesis and applications"
    A.G. Leyva
    Oral presentation 39
  • "Electronic and magnetic properties of double perovskites A2FeReO6 (A=Ba,Ca)"
    J.I. Melo and R. Weht
    Poster 1-2
  • "Electrical and magnetic properties of PMMA/Manganite composites"
    C. Artale, S. Fermepin, M. Forti, M. Latino, M. Quintero, L. Granja, J. Sacanell and G. Polla
    Poster 1-12
  • "Structural, magnetic and hyperfine interactions at the Fe sites of Fe-doped SnO"
    L.A. Errico and M. Weissmann
    Poster 1-13
  • "Characterization of a mechanochemically activated titaniumhematite mixture: Mössbauer spectroscopy study"
    A.A. Cristóbal, C.P. Ramos, P.M. Botta, E.F. Aglietti, C. Saragovi and J.M. Porto López
    Poster 1-21
  • "Differential thermal analysis to study metamagnetic transitions"
    M. Quintero, J. Sacanell, L. Ghivelder, A.G. Leyva and F. Parisi
    Poster 1-33
  • "Synthesis and characterization of LnBaCo2O5-d for cathodes of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells"
    J. Hernández Sánchez, J. Sacanell, A.G. Leyva and D.G. Lamas
    Poster 1-37
  • "A method for the study of surface segregation in multicomponent alloys"
    P.H. Gargano, H.O. Mosca and G.H. Bozzolo
    Poster 2-10
  • "Solvent inuence on nanocomposites silica aerogel/maghemite magnetic structure"
    P. Mendoza Zélis, M.B. Fernández van Raap, L.M. Socolovsky, A.G. Leyva and F.H. Sánchez
    Poster 2-36
  • "Substrate effect on the ground state magnetic configuration of 3d transition metal chains"
    M.C. Urdaniz, M.A. Barral and A.M. Llois
    Poster 2-41
  • "Modeling the magnetic tunnel conductance at interdiffused interfaces in Fe/ZnSe/Fe junctions"
    C. Helman, V. Ferrari, J. Milano and A.M. Llois
    Poster 3-7
  • "Anderson impurity model: Double occupancy contribution to the magnetic susceptibility"
    S. Jaroszewicz, P. Roura-Bas and A.M. Llois
    Poster 5-5
  • "Anderson Impurity Model: Vertex corrections within the finite U Non-Crossing Approximation"
    P. Roura-Bas, V. Vildosola, L.O. Manuel and A.M. Llois
    Poster 5-9
  • "Structural and dynamical properties of water confined between two hydrophilic surfaces"
    S. Di Napoli and Z. Gamba
    Poster 6-2
  • "Swift heavy ion irradiation effects on Carbonyl and transvinylene groups in high and low density polyethylene"
    M.F. del Grosso, V.C. Chappa, C.R. Arbeitman and G. García Bermúdez
    Poster 6-3
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