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"Thermodynamic modeling of phase separation in manganites"
J. Sacanell, F. Parisi, J.C.P. Campoy and L. Ghivelder
Phys. Rev. B 73(1) (2006) 014403/1-7
We present a phenomenological model based on the thermodynamics of the phase separated state of manganites, accounting for its static and dynamic properties. Through calorimetric measurements on La0.225Pr0.4Ca0.375MnO3 the low temperature free energies of the coexisting ferromagnetic and charge ordered phases are evaluated. The phase separated state is modeled by free energy densities uniformly spread over the sample volume. The calculations contemplate the out of equilibrium features of the coexisting phase regime, to allow a comparison between magnetic measurements and the predictions of the model. A phase diagram including the static and dynamic properties of the system is constructed, showing the existence of blocked and unblocked regimes which are characteristics of the phase separated state in manganites.
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