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"Disentangling the reaction mechanisms of weakly bound nuclei"
P.R.S. Gomes, I. Padron, E. Crema, O.A. Capurro, J.O. Fernández Niello, G.V. Marti, A. Arazi, M. Trotta, J. Lubian, M.E. Ortega, A.J. Pacheco, M.D. Rodríguez, J.E. Testoni, R.M. Anjos, L.C. Chamon, M. Dasgupta, D.J. Hinde and K. Hagino
Phys. Lett. B 634(4) (2006) 356-361
Complete and incomplete fusion cross sections for the 9Be+144Sm reaction have been measured at near-barrier energies, using the delayed X-ray detection technique. At above-barrier energies these show a suppression of complete fusion for this weakly bound projectile on an intermediate mass target. The suppression factor, attributed to 9Be break-up, was deduced from a comparison of complete fusion yields with coupled-channels calculations, and appears consistent with measured incomplete fusion product yields. At ~10%, it is considerably smaller than the value of ~30% previously found for a 208Pb target. Simultaneous measurements of elastic and inelastic scattering permit a clearer picture of the reaction mechanisms.
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