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"Structural and magnetic characterization of the YxSr1-xMnO3 systems"
M.E. Saleta, G. Polla, M. Quintero and D. Vega
Proc. of the "7th Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials and their Applications" (LAW3M-05), Reñaca, Chile, December 12-16, 2005. Ed. J. Rössler, M. Molina and E. Vogel
Physica B Condens. Matter. 384(1-2) (2006) 54-56
Structural, magnetic and electrical transport properties were studied in the solid solution YxSr1-xMnO3 for the range of 0.4 ≤ x ≤ 0.9. These compounds were obtained in the perovskite phase (ABO3) and scan a wide range of mean ionic radii for the A site and the corresponding tolerance factor. The samples were synthesized using a liquid mix method, at 900 °C in O2 atmosphere, and characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), magnetic susceptibility and electric transport measurements. XRD data for all samples were refined by the Rietveld method in the space group Pnma. Magnetic measurements indicate a paramagnetic behavior in the range between 100 and 300 K. The dependence of structural parameters, like octahedron distortion and A site coordination number as a function of Y content was obtained showing a clear correlation with the magnetic behavior.
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