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"Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 193"
E. Achterberg, O.A. Capurro, G.V. Marti, V.R. Vanin and R.M. Castro
Nucl. Data Sheets 107(1) (2009) 1-224
The present revision of the properties for the nuclides belonging to the A = 193 mass chain contains many improvements, corrections and additions to the material presented in previous evaluations (1998Ar07, Nucl. Data Sheets 83, 921 (1998); 1990Sh30, Nucl, Data Sheets 61, 519 (1990)). Among these are measurement results for quadrupole moments, angular distribution coefficients, half-lives and g-factors, for both previously known and new transitions and levels. In addition, major changes to the previously known status of this mass chain consist in the inclusion of data for new superdeformed bands in 193Pb, and the creation of level schemes for 193Bi, 193Po and 193At. The latter were previously unavailable, except for a very limited attempt in the case of 193Po, which was not confirmed in later work. Furthermore, the 193Os beta decay was re-evaluated in order to account for new absolute intensity measurements.
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