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"Liquid 4He adsorbed films on very attractive substrates"
I. Urrutia and L. Szybisz
Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 20(30-31) (2006) 5107-5111
Adsorbed films of liquid 4He are analized, in the framework of Density functionals Theories (DF). In these systems, when the substrate becomes increasingly attractive, the thin films of 4He approaches the quasi-bidimensional limit. We study this strongly attractive substrate regime with two DF, the Orsay-Trento (OT) and a recent Hybrid proposal (Hyb), focusing in the energy behavior. It is showed that OT does not reproduce the correct limiting energy curve, and it implies that this functional could not provide reliable results for very strongly attractive substrates like Graphite (Gr). In other hand, with the Hyb DF, the correct energy behavior is found for the adsorption energy of 4He on Gr. These results show that OT should not be applied to quasi 2D (confinement) situations, and that Hyb DF provides a much more realistic description.
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