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"A Density Functional for Liquid 3He Based on the Aziz Potential"
M. Barranco, E.S. Hernández, R. Mayol, J. Navarro, M. Pi and L. Szybisz
Proc. of the "24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics" (LT24), Florida, USA, August 10-17, 2005. Ed. Y. Takano, S.P. Hershfield, S.O. Hill, P.J. Hirschfeld and A.M. Goldman
AIP Conf. Proc., Vol.850 (2006) 149-159
We propose a new class of density functionals for liquid 3He based on the Aziz helium-helium interaction screened at short distances by the microscopically calculated two-body distribution function g(r). Our aim is to reduce to a minumum the unavoidable phenomenological ingredients inherent to any density functional approach. Results for the homogeneous liquid and droplets are presented and discussed.
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