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"Pressure Sensitivity of the Ferromagnetic Transition in Perovskite Manganites Revisited"
G. Garbarino, C. Acha, G. Polla and A.G. Leyva
Proc. of the "24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics" (LT24), Florida, USA, August 10-17, 2005. Ed. Y. Takano, S.P. Hershfield, S.O. Hill, P.J. Hirschfeld and A.M. Goldman
AIP Conf. Proc., Vol.850 (2006) 1187-1188
It was already shown that a qualitative understanding of the pressure effects on the ferromagnetic transition temperature (Tc) of the perovskite manganites (AMnO3) results from the variation of the geometric factors that control the bandwidth, the Mn-O-Mn bond angle and the Mn-O bond length and also from the reduction of the effective mass related to the polaronic nature of the carriers. But, up to now, a quantitative agreement was not really obtained, particularly for the hole-doped manganites. Here, we present results on the pressure effects in the Tc of La0.8(Ca,Sr)0.2MnO3 ceramic samples. Our results are described within a phenomenological approach based on the well known dependence of Tc on the mean A ionic radius, that gives a good quantitative agreement of the pressure sensitivity of Tc for several hole-doped manganites.
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